AC, The Blue Blooded Exiled King & Poseidon (Part VI)

The old world stirred.

The now Exiled King, dethroned by the Queen of AC, the wretched Black girl who had destroyed 100 years of dynasty, sailed into the seas upon his thunderous white stead. Hundreds of miles away from his once great city, he cut his wrist, and dropped his blue blood into the deep.

Poseidon rose, trident in hand, old, young, tired, anxious.

“I want my city back.” Demanded the Exiled King.

Poseidon was not amused. It had been over two hundred years since any Blue Blood called upon him. But the ancient laws of the Sea demanded he answer. The result of a bet lost with a mermaid-witch. No matter, this was nothing. After his work, he could return to his slumber.

“How?” The God asked.

“Destroy it.” Replied the Exiled King.

“It shall be done.” A sea beast rose and let out lightning unto the sky, making waves shimmer in blue and red lights.

Poseidon returned to the deep, ready to fulfill the call of the Blue Blooded Exiled King.


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