Spider at the Window

A few months ago, a spider appeared at my window.

The spider was huge. And when I say huge, I mean that shit came out of Harry Potter. I take that back. That spider must have been a descendant of Ungoliant. If you get that reference (without Google/Wikipedia/The Internet), you’re valid. If not. Well. Read the Silmarillion.

Once it appeared out of the depths of the darkness, I never opened my window. It wasn’t fear. I just didn’t want it all up in my crib. It was fine where it was, chilling on my window. With its huge self. But as time went on, I came to befriend the spider. It became a homie. Somehow, every time I came into my room, no matter the time, I’d sort of do the head nod. He(?) (or she?) wasn’t always there, but at least once a day, homie was chilling at the window. I came to like him. It was as if the lil’ kid in me, afraid of monsters under the bed or in the closet, was finally okay with the monsters. Mainly because if they did ever show up I knew this HUGE FUCKING SPIDER chilling on my window had my back.

But what I really need to talk about is the web. I’ve seen some pretty good webs in my day. Finding them in the backyard, in the corners of public school classrooms, under tables, and in forgotten homes. But this web. THIS WEB! Charlottes Web, the most well known web in the world, was swag-less when compared to my homies web. His web, the symmetry, the geometry, the 120 degree angles, the precision, the utter beauty. Son. It was to epic. If the Webs had an Oscars, this web be Return of the King when it won all 11 Oscars it was nominated for. I’m telling you. Web. Of. The. Millennium.

I was proud of the spider homie. His web was making moves. Survived mad windy days. Survived mad rainy days. Surviving the cold, birds, British politeness, and London smog. And that web got to be, how do I say this. FUCKING ENORMOUS! Like. Bruh. If Webs were the US states – this web would be ALASKA! It was huge – FOR NO REASON! Homie was catching all the flies. And was not sorry about it.

Day in, and day out, I’d see the web grow, homie get bigger, catch insects, and love. I still wouldn’t open the window, but I felt like doing so would be rude. It sort of became a thing where if I ever did open the window, it’d be like opening the door to my neighbors house. Not cool.

One day, I walk in, and do my typical head nod. But this time there was no one to be found. He’d go off sometimes, probably go on dates and visit the parents, but not only was homie gone, his web was gone too.

I was devastated. Over the past five months I had come to grow close to the Spider. He was chill. Never violating my space, and me never violating his. We didn’t talk much, but damn did I admire his work.

It was a sad day.

I haven’t seen him since. Maybe he fell in love and packed his stuff and moved in with his partner. Who knows. I’d like to believe thats whats he’s up to. Raising kids (or not), making valid webs, trying to scare monsters away.

Who knows. Wherever he is, I hope he’s happy. Just like he was at my window.


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