Lately, the world seems a bit darker than it does brighter. I’m also in England, and the lack of sun makes things a tiny bit more difficult. But some time ago, in the darker hours of my life, I came to find something. It wasn’t happiness, but I found my will, the will it takes to be happy.

Happiness isn’t a static state, somewhere to get to, or a treasure to find. Happiness is a proactive action, one that takes work, dedication, and meditation. It is something we must learn to do, learn to accept, and learn to be at peace with.

Today I took a walk with a friend, and was reminded of something. Things have never been right in the world, and I am not one to say with certainty that it ever will. But too many have fought, sacrificed, and died for us to be swallowed by despair. My parents gave too much of their love for me not be happy. I have a debt, as so many of us do, to pay. And one way to pay it is through knowing the sun is somewhere above us, even in the days of grey and rain.

It is never easy. Especially when one has awoken from the slumber of the numbness the world imposes. Once we wake, we see war, famine, poverty, violence, oppression, the isms of soul, mind, and body. The students of history, and those who live it, will die in pain. But that pain need not overpower our will to embody an enduring happiness.

There is happiness is resistance, in knowledge, in solidarity, in friendship, in love, in everything. It is an eternal battle to balance this pursuit and the pursuit of justice. But it is possible. It only takes a reminder that it is.

So this is me reminding you. You have the will to be happy. And if you can’t find it, fight for it.

Con amor y felicidad,



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