AC, The King (Part II)

He sat on his red throne, looking down at the ants of his city. Some were his friends, most strangers, all customers. His breathe was paced, laced with the scent of seven zeros, pulling. Not many knew his name, but those who did made no less than 700K.

The city was in debt to him, and because of it, many called him King. He came from a long line of important people. They were wealthy, well mannered, class-filled, and white. Driven not by greed but prestige, his family moved in and out of AC, never seen by those that dwelled on the boardwalk but always by the historical elite. Their business was money, their purpose power. Elegant, mischievous, tactful.

He rose, and as he did, those that sat about him watched with a strategic gaze. The room they were in was called “Secret”, where the privileged spent their Saturday night discussing the problems of the zero world, a step above the first world. Secret was a room above all other rooms in the city, shooting off a blinding light throughout. The Board Walkers would always want to look up, but when their eyes would meet the blinding light, they would have to look away or risk burning. Inside, the windows could see it all, from north to west and east to south. Those who spent days there could never describe it, aside from the strange identical comment, “The champagne ruins you. Never will you taste something so pure.”

The King glided passed the aristocracy like Andrew Jackson did in the South, with pure unflinching resolve. His silver watch made no noise in its movements, his Annatar forged ring glistened, his eyed pierced. Yet, his confidence, for the first time ever, staggered.

At the only door of the room stood a woman, wearing blue armor, and diamonds covered in the most distant and exotic of blood. Her skin was of a deep woodland song, luscious and seductive. Her eyes honey, and hair a reminder of the changing times. The King, as he made his way ever closer, was losing his omnipotence.

She smiled.

“Hello, James.” Everyone went on with their discussion, as it would be rude to be silent and try to listen, though everyone was.

“How did you get in?” Asked the crumbling King.

“Haven’t you heard?” She inquired.

He had. The debts had been paid. She walked past.  All eyes were watching, even those of the Gods. She touched the red throne.

The King was King no more. AC had a new ruler.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.11.24 AM


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