Abuelita Knowledge

Before there were campaigns to recycle and save the planet, my Abuelitas were making sure not to destroy it. My Abuelitas saved every plastic bag, used butter containers as tupperware for frijoles, and reused plastic bottles for agua, tamarindo, and plantas for the garden. 

Before the hipsters decided not to go to the hospital (even though they had healthcare) and use alternative, natural medicine, my Abuelitas knew how to cure everything without healthcare or doctors. My Abuelitas used Vicks, menta, oregano, yerba buena, lotions and mixed potions, el reso a los santos, ginger, garlic, cigarettes on the temple and burning newspapers out the ears and water bursting from cups and plates.

My Abuelitas knew when I was sick or when I was lying about being sick. My abuelitas had a cure for both.

Before protestors and activists were out there fighting for the humane killing of animals, my Abuelitas knew how to kill an animal without them suffering, and making sure they lived a full life in the sun, open field, with grass, and amor. Before they were out there protecting trees, my Abuelitas knew not to cut them down, and if they did, to plant two new ones.

Before GMO’s decided they knew how to grow crops more efficiently, my Abuelitas could speak to the land, knew how it grew, and could give life to what seemed dead.

My Abuelitas could see the earth without microscopes and read the stars without telescopes. They knew when the rain would come and the sun would shine.

Before therapists and counselors told us that we needed pills and sessions, my Abuelitas knew how to comfort us con cuentos del tiempo de antes, con besos y abarazos, y con fuerza del corazon.

Before the world looked down on my Abuelitas and laughed at their lack of knowledge, I looked up to them and knew they held a wisdom many now will never possess.

My Abuelitas know more than experts today give them credit for.

Abuelita knowledge. Never having learned in the rooms of the towers of higher education, but from the soul of our ancestors.


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